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I'm trying to run SnakeFood, to analyze a python project. I'm on a Windows machine and so far I've been able to figure out how to:

  • install Tortoise for Mercurial to download the SnakeFood code from the site
  • set the windows Path to accept python from the command prompt so I could do python install and got snakefood to go into my "site-packages" folder

Now, the documentation doesn't say anything else rather than: sfood /path/to/my/project

I can't get this command to work. What am I missing?

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Would this work?

python "DriveLetter:\path\to\" "DriveLetter:\path\to\your\project"
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It does. The install doesn't install sfood in the site packages, only other functions that it needs. I had to go back to the downloaded files to find sfood in the bin folder. If I use the path of the bin in the downloaded folder then it seems like it works. Thanks. – greye Aug 17 '09 at 21:59

I was able to resolve this issue, on my Windows 7 machine with Python 2.7.3 installed, like so:

C:\> cd \path\to\snakefood\installation\folder
C:\path\to\snakefood\installation\folder> python install
C:\path\to\snakefood\installation\folder> cd C:\Python27\Scripts
C:\Python27\Scripts> python sfood \path\to\my\project
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Considering the documentation says "sfood /path/to/my/project" it most likely assumes a *nix environment. That leads me to the assumption that sfood probably has a shebang line.

On Windows you probably need to use "python sfood ". If "sfood" isn't in your PATH, you'll need to write the full path rather than just "sfood".

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