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hi i've stored procedure with will try to delete data from specified date (sysdate - 30) and i wanna trying to run Oracle Stored Procedure in every beginning of month..

how can i do that ?

thanks in advance, sorry for my english

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I'm only familiar with SQL Server, so I did a Google search for "Oracle equivalent of SQL Server Agent" and found this: If it is truly comparable to SQL Server Agent, you can set a job with a schedule that will run automatically. – CptSupermrkt Oct 16 '12 at 2:16
Check the Oracle doc for DBA_JOBS. – RBarryYoung Oct 16 '12 at 2:26

The simplest thing that could possibly work would be to use the DBMS_JOB package. This, for example, will run your_procedure at midnight on the fist of every month starting at midnight on the first of next month and will pass in a parameter of sysdate - 30

  l_jobno PLS_INTEGER;
  dbms_job.submit( l_jobno,
                   'BEGIN your_procedure( sysdate - 30 ); END;',
                   add_months( trunc(sysdate,'MM'), 1 ),
                   q'{add_months( trunc(sysdate, 'MM'), 1 )}' );

You can also use the DBMS_SCHEDULER package which is a newer and more sophisticated scheduler assuming you are using a more recent version of Oracle. That can get much more sophisticated and much more involved than DBMS_JOB-- if your requirements are really simply, though, the lighter weight DBMS_JOB may be easier to learn and understand.

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Minor note:

Oracle recommends that you switch from DBMS_JOB to Oracle Scheduler.

   job_name        => 'your_job_name',
   job_type        => 'STORED_PROCEDURE',       -- see oracle documentation on types --
   job_action      => 'name of the procedure',
   start_date      => trunc(sysdate)+2/24,      -- every night @ 2 a.m.
   repeat_interval => 'FREQ=DAILY;BYHOUR=2',    -- daily @ 2 a.m.
   end_date        => NULL,
   enabled         => TRUE,
   comments        => 'your general comment');
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you can schedule a job for it, have to call the stored procedure in the job.So that you can run the stored procedure in the beginning of every month..

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