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.Net's implementation of HTTP is ... problematic. Beyond some issues in compliance with HTTP/1.0, what's bugging me right now is that HttpWebResponse.GetResponse() with ReadTimeout and Timeout set to 5000 blocks for about 20 seconds before failing (the problem is it should fail after 5 seconds, but it actually takes 20 seconds).

I need a library with better protocol conformance and timeout control. Know any?

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+1 I'm also interested. What version of .NET are you on? with that ReadTimeout issue? – chakrit Sep 24 '08 at 18:59
2.0. What's your second question? – ripper234 Sep 25 '08 at 11:46

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According to Microsoft, what could be hanging is possibly the DNS resolution, which may take up to 15 seconds.

Solution - do the DNS resolving on your own (Dns.BeginGetHostByName).

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Chilkat has a HTTP Component. I've never used it, but I have been impressed with some of their other components.

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See the HttpWebRequest.BeginGetResponse() method. Not exactly what you asked for, it's been a few days since you've had any other responses and it deserves a mention.

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