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If I have multiple screens with the same name, how could I kill all of them without checking all of their PIDs, and then executing screen -wipe?


24754.screen1  (Detached)
32236.screen1  (Detached)
7308.screen1   (Detached)
3896.screen1   (Detached)
10155.screen1  (Detached)
10888.screen1  (Detached)
28438.screen1  (Detached)
26008.screen1  (Detached)

I would like to kill all instances of screen1, terminate any processes running within, and not need to run screen -wipe after.

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Not sure if clean enough. The -X quit operation shall not need a -wipe:

screen -ls | awk -vFS='\t|[.]' '/screen1/ {system("screen -S "$2" -X quit")}'

You should able to dive into each shell your session started and send an exit in theory

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I meant more graceful, send every shell session in a screen session an exit and thus shell exit inside itself. The -X quit operation will rely on screen to close it's children process –  MeaCulpa Oct 17 '12 at 1:05

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