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Hi guys please check this code, first part from innit, second is my timer function. Thanks alot!

I set up a timer for 15min. Save the time in cookies and read saved time on init

var cc=readCookie("agreement");
var ct=readCookie("secondsleft");

if (ct == null || ct == '') {
    secondsleft = 15*60;
} else {
    secondsleft = parseInt(ct);

myInterval = setInterval(bingoTimer,1000);

Can anyone see why after refresh this code jumps to 0:13?

function bingoTimer() {

    if (secondsleft < 0) {

    } else {
        var minLeft = parseInt(secondsleft / 60);
        var secLeft = secondsleft - minLeft * 60;
        var timeLeft = " " + minLeft+":" + secLeft;
        var timeCookie = createCookie("secondsleft", timeLeft);
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I believe parseInt parses the first integer value that it can find in the string. In your example you save the time int this format: "minLeft:secLeft". I think parseInt will only parse the minLeft part and ignores the rest of the string after the ':'. So your 13 minute and something seconds is parsed into 13 seconds in secondsleft = parseInt(ct);

Try changing createCookie("secondsleft", timeLeft) to createCookie("secondsleft", secondsleft.toString()).

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Awesome Thank you! Nice start! –  Atom23 Oct 16 '12 at 5:18

Here is working fiddle

Your problem was:

var timeCookie = createCookie("secondsleft", timeLeft);

timelLeft is a string("14:59"), so after parse int it was converted to 14, and -1 you got "0:13". You need to put value in seconds:

var timeCookie = createCookie("secondsleft", secondsleft);
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