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Can anyone help me to figure out difference between SortedMap, CheckedSortedMap, synchronizedSortedMap. I am really have trouble in making decision which one to use when?

Thanks in advance.

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which one to use and when to use? – mrugeshthaker Oct 16 '12 at 9:13
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SortedMap is an interface that is a Map(key-value pairs) with an added contract of being ordered in some defined manner on its keys. Owing to that ordering of keys SortedMap has extra methods like SortedMap<K,V> subMap(K fromKey, K toKey), SortedMap<K,V> headMap(K toKey) ... which 'normal' Maps dont have. If you iterate a keyset of a sortedMap you will find a definite order.

A Treemap is an implementation of that interface. If you are creating a new SortedMap object by yourself, its almost always go for TreeSet.

For checkedSortedMap or any other Collections.checkedXXX() methods, Here is a fine discussion on what they all are for: What is the Collections.checkedList() call for in java?

Classes in Collections framework are not synchronized by default. For Maps it means that if you have a map that is shared between two or more threads and one is doing a put(A, value) and another thread is also calling put(A, othervalue) at the same time on the map, strange things can occur. Collections.synchronizedSortedMap(sortedMap) method gives a synchronized map that wraps the given map and with proper locking mechanisms in place.

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thanks for proper explanation.....I was late to to give you credit. – mrugeshthaker Nov 20 '12 at 4:43

SortedMap is an interface, which is implemented by ConcurrentSkipListMap, TreeMap classes.

Use Collections.synchronizedSortedMap to get thread safe (synchronized) view of sorted map. Useful in multithreaded environment.

Use java.util.Collections.checkedSortedMap to get a dynamically typesafe view of the specified sorted map.

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