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function maxContSum(array)
    local len = #array
    local maxSum = 0
    local runningSum = array[0]
    local j = 0
    local start, finish = 0,0
    for i=0, len-1,1 do
        if runningSum > 0 then
            runningSum =runningSum + array[i]
            runningSum = array[i]
            j = i
        if runningSum > maxSum then
            maxSum = runningSum
            start = j
            finish = i
    print ("maxsum is ", maxSum)

a = {-2, 2,3,4,5,-7,8,0,-1,1,2,3,4}

This is my code. But I get this error message:

lua: maxContSum.lua:8: attempt to compare number with nil stack
        maxContSum.lua:8: in function 'maxContSum'
        maxContSum.lua:24: in main chunk
        [C]: ?

Need help Thank you!

edited: I found my problem. Lua array index starts from 1 :)

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Having found problem, you might as well delete the question if you can (or flag for delete otherwise) –  jwpat7 Oct 16 '12 at 6:04
No. You should write an answer for your question in the "answers" below. –  Nicol Bolas Oct 16 '12 at 6:09

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Arrays in lua are indexed from 1 and not from 0

local runningSum = array[0] should be local runningSum = array[1] and also j = 1

and the for loop should begin from 1 to n

for i = 1, len, 1 do
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