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I have a QT Application which receives X&Y coordinates and I need to simulate touch events (touch or long touch) using these coordinates.

I read in QT Reference documentation that QTouchEventSequence class can be used to simulate touch events. I am pretty new to QT and I have no idea how can I use it in an application. Could anybody help me on this.

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So you want to use QtTest module. It has a good tutorial.

For quick start here are a quick example for QTouchEventSequence:

// file
#include <QtGui>
#include <QtTest>

// This widget will receive touch events
class MyWidget: public QWidget
    MyWidget(QWidget* parent = NULL)
      : QWidget(parent)
        // With out this flag widget shouldn't receive any TouchEvent.

    bool event(QEvent* e)
            case QEvent::TouchBegin:
            case QEvent::TouchUpdate:
            case QEvent::TouchEnd:
                emit newTouchEvent(); // We will catch this in our test
                return true;
                return QWidget::event(e);

    void newTouchEvent();

// Here out test
class TouchTest: public QObject

private slots:
    void simpleTest();

void TouchTest::simpleTest()
    MyWidget widget;;
    QSignalSpy spy(&widget, SIGNAL(newTouchEvent()));

    // Simulate touch event
    QTest::touchEvent(&widget).press(0, QPoint(10, 10));

    QCOMPARE(spy.count(), 1);  // Did we called our signal. Yes. Cool!

#include "test.moc"

You sould run moc, qmake and make to run it:

qmake -project "CONFIG += qtestlib"
moc > test.moc
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Thanks graphite. I could test it in tablet and it worked :). One more query i have. This touch event will occur on the widget. Is there anyway to make the touch event on the screen without specifying a particular widget. In my application I need to simulate the touch event without using a particular widget. Is it possible? – user1581608 Oct 18 '12 at 4:12
It looks you can't do it with Qt. And it will be system dependent. For Xorg on Linux you can have a look at xdotool and make something similar in your program. – graphite Oct 18 '12 at 6:13
Ok. Is there any other way to give touch inputs to Windows? – user1581608 Oct 19 '12 at 4:13

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