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I have added a MvcContrib grid in a particular view. In grid, along with the column data, I also have a radiobutton column. I am trying to get selected radiobutton click event but it's not happening as expected. I don't know what's wrong with the implementation. Can you guys have a look and give some suggestion or code snippet to resolve this issue.

    <%= Html.Grid(Model.Items)
        .Columns(column =>
                         column.For(x => x.Name)
                             .Named(Html.OrderBy(null, "DisplayRestaurantsList", "Group", ViewContext.RouteData.Values, "sortBy", "sortDir", true, Model.SortDirection, Model.SortBy, "restaurantname", "Restaurant"));
                         column.For(x => x.Contact.GetDisplayName())
                             .Named(Html.OrderBy(null, "DisplayRestaurantsList", "Restaurant", ViewContext.RouteData.Values, "sortBy", "sortDir", true, Model.SortDirection, Model.SortBy, "administrator", "Administrator"));
                         column.For(x => Html.ActionLink("Remove", "RemoveRestaurant", "Group", new { id = x.ID, GroupID=x.Group.ID }, null))
                         column.For(x => Html.RadioButton("defaultRastaurant",x.ID,(!x.Group.ID.Value.ToString().IsEmptyOrNull() && x.ID==x.Group.DefaultRestaurantID) ? true:false)).Named("default").DoNotEncode();
        .Attributes(@class => "table-1 gapmb40")
        .Empty("There are no restaurants that match your criteria.")
        .RowStart(row => string.Format("<tr{0}>", row.IsAlternate ? "style=\"background-color:#CCDDCC\"" : ""))


jQuery code to select the radio button click:

$("input[type='radio']").click(function () {

Also tried following one too:

 $("input[name='defaultRastaurant']").change(function () {
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Looks like its a event delegation issue. The element is not present in the DOM when the event handler is associated to it..

Try this

$("body").on("click"," input[type='radio']" ,function () {

The body can be replaced by any non static parent in which the radiobuttons are present..

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