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My program depends on Microsoft redistribute package, or to be more specific, depends on MSVCR100.dll

A recommanded approach is to install the redistribute package before my program running. However, my program is quite small(about 1MB), the vcredist.exe is about 5MB, it is a little too big for my installer.

So here is another way, according to license of Microsoft, we can install the dll into a subfolder(\VC\redist\x86\Microsoft.VC100.CRT\) in my application folder. So my application directory is like:


My question is, how do I make the a.dll find the MSVCR100.dll which located in another folder?

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You may consider linking CRT as static library, there will be no dependency on MSVCRxxx.dll,

but your EXE/DLL will be bigger.

This solution is suitable if your project contains one EXE/DLL, but for bigger project you can create MSI package with MSVCRT merge module inside.

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Just found a function - AddDllDirectory that can solve my problem.

Yes, I can link the CRT as a static library, but in my case there are several libraries that depend on it, which means every dll has a copy of MSVCR100.dll.

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