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I need to run command using Runtime.exec() :

java -cp .:/s/v-lib/* tDesigner -inRs /scg.rsp -out /g.plan;

here i need to add all the jars present in /s/v-lib directory to my class path. Do i need to add them individually?

tDesigner is my class.
-inRs /scg.rsp -out /g.plan are the arguments to the class.

what will be the correct way to construct command string?
is this correct:

String[] command = {"java", "-cp", ".:/s/v-lib/*", "tDesigner" ,"-inRs", "/scg.rsp" ,"-out", "g.plan"};
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Usually it's best to stick to a single question per ... well, question. I see two here: One about classpaths, the other about Runtime.exec. –  Joey Oct 16 '12 at 6:40

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The invocation of exec() looks correct.

Regarding the classpath, since java 1.5 you may specify a directory (rather than jars) in the classpath, in which case all jars found there are added to the classpath.

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