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I have a site that fetches reviews on various renowned car dealers (i.e. Fordham Toyota, Westchester Toyota, Toyota Of Manhattan etc.) from major review sites like CitySeach, Dealer Rater, Insider Pages etc. Basically the functionality of this site is to allow business owners to monitor their online reviews on major review sites. Additionally, the site also pulls comments from Facebook and twitter (based on keywords) and also displays Google Alerts.

Presently I am using Google Place Details API into my site to show business reviews from Google+. The API is working but it doesn't meet my requirement. It fetches five reviews in JSON format but I don't think those five reviews are latest reviews. I am using a server side call like: https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/place/details/json?reference=CoQBcQAAAA4TBAYYo_ImdJKezNEEtTsIKKnXKGLMW8ZiP23pykrEE8kMIOWVKNfPtwIJAdc3v8v6EMtnmN13Tqqz4SM-Ahqzl4isagLcyCxJ9yxXc0GP2t_vOZz-7Yj0mZlJNiIUOgjyx6HlDpBGuBt82pefEgDLBHB_7TzZagdPYJzxUil7EhA1NzMSB8fa2JCXDXEKJoB4GhTticvzupYhVrjvRZq-vbt63I7-Cg&sensor=true&key=MY_API_KEY

Is there any way to fetch 5 latest reviews using this API ?

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