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I have three QDockWidgets which are tabbed at startup using QMainWindow.tabifyDockWidget.

In the main window, after all of the addDockWidget calls:

self.tabifyDockWidget(self.dock_widget1, self.dock_widget2)
self.tabifyDockWidget(self.dock_widget1, self.dock_widget3)

Based on certain actions, I'd like to select one of these tabs and bring it to focus, or, on top of the other two, if it's not already visible. I've tried using setVisible and setWindowState(Qt.WindowActive), but nothing changes.

Is there a way to programmatically select a tabbed dock widget and bring it to the front?

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Thanks to an answer on the qt-interest mailing list, this is very simple to do with QWidget.raise():

In PyQt, it's QWidget.raise_():

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For me:;


was enough. But yes, both are needed!

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I haven't tested this, but here's what I would try in Qt 4.5+ (I'll leave the PyQt conversion to you):

class MyMainWindow ; // A QMainWindow

void MyMainWindow::bringToFront( QDockWidget* dockIn )
   QList<QDockWidget*> docks = tabifiedDockWidgets( dockIn ) ;
   foreach( QDockWidget* dock, docks )
      // Move second dock on top of first dock widget.
      tabifyDockWidget( dock, dockIn ) ;

See QMainWindow::tabifiedDockWidgets() and QMainWindow::tabifyDockWidget().

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This definitely works, the only issue is that it reorders the tabs which is non-ideal. So far, it seems like this is only solution...thanks for the snippet. – brianz Aug 18 '09 at 20:51

A solution that is working for me is :

tabifyDockWidget (dock1, dock2)

dock2.setVisible (True)

dock2.setFocus ()

dock2.raise_ ()

That 3 functions seem necessary.

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This didn't work for me:


I managed to get it working using:
parent.tabifyDockWidget(dock1, dock2)
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