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Whe have built a packager who diff the last due tag in svn and prepare directory folding and copy the 'diff' files in the right plave.

but we must enter on commnand line the two tag name, and so we must consult revision graph (from windows).

Is there a way to list tags from svn command line client ?

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This will work from the command line on Windows, Mac or Linux, though it requires that the current working directory is in the working copy:

svn ls "^/tags"
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This should help:

svnlook tree --full-paths /home/path/to/svn/project | \
egrep -a '/?tags/.+' | \
sed -re 's!.*/?tags/([^/]*).*!\1!' | \
sort -u


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This will not work on Windows. – bahrep Oct 16 '12 at 9:42

With power shell:

$path = (([Xml] (svn log --xml $Url --verbose --username $Username --password $Password)).Log.LogEntry.Paths.Path |
? { $_.action -eq 'A' -and $_.kind -eq 'dir' -and $_.InnerText -like '*tags*'} |
Select -Property @(
    @{N='date'; E={$_.ParentNode.ParentNode.Date}},
    @{N='path'; E={$_.InnerText}} )|
Sort Date -Descending |
Select -First 1).path

Where $Url is the url of you tags

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WOW ! Every time i see a powershell script I thank God of working, now, only on Linux !!!! – realtebo Jun 10 '13 at 15:45
@realtebo: Most of that command is just invocation of svn. The rest is an elaborate grep, cut, sort and head. I would have written it a little differently though, I guess. – Joey Jul 1 '13 at 9:04

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