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I have successfully read & write nfc card with text using NdefRecord. But right know, i have different nfc card. Technologies are :

  • MifareClassic 1k
  • NfcA
  • NdefFormatable

which I'm curious now, why there's no Ndef in that particular card. is that meaning I can't write using NdefRecord and read using NdefMessage ?

I can't read/write right now, since I don't have keyA & keyB. but I'm building a theory here.


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So how come there is no Ndef when you have listed NdefFormatable? –  ThomasRS Oct 17 '12 at 11:57
Because it's not empty card, inside have message that non-Ndef formatted. NdefFomattable mean I could format to Ndef but that would also need access Key. that's what I understand right know. the question is, how to read non-Ndef message? –  HelmiB Oct 18 '12 at 1:09

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NdefFormatable means that the card can be formatted to contain NdefMessage and after that will have the Ndef technology available. You can actually format the card and write and NdefMessage at the same time using format().

Formatting to contain NDEF will only work when the card is in default configuration, like when it came from the factory (i.e. default key A & B for all sectors in case of a MIFARE Classic card).

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I'm glad you answered this. been reading all your answers. If I want to read non-Ndef format, how to? given key A&B. –  HelmiB Oct 17 '12 at 0:37
Do i have to read every sectors and blocks? because using NdefMessage is unavailable. –  HelmiB Oct 17 '12 at 0:53
Have a look at [MifareClassic(developer.android.com/reference/android/nfc/tech/…) how to authenticate and read the blocks. –  NFC guy Oct 17 '12 at 20:30
Can I read like surface information without the key?. I'm able to get ID from EXTRA_ID. –  HelmiB Oct 18 '12 at 1:11

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