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Earlier i was using This code

<%= select "selected_payment", "id", {|u| [' ' +u.start_time.strftime("%I:%M %p") + '-' + u.end_time.strftime("%I:%M %p")+' ',]} %>   to make a dropdown.

Now i have to do same thing with collection_select. But i'm not able to figure how to do it. It will be something like the one given below :

<%= f.collection_select :shift_id, @shifts,:id, :start_time, :prompt => true %>

I can not even format the date and use two values at the same time. Please help,Thanks in Advance

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Ref this In your model for ex:- Shift

def start_end_time
 ' ' +self.start_time.strftime("%I:%M %p") + '-' + self.end_time.strftime("%I:%M %p")+' '

In views

<%= f.collection_select :shift_id, @shifts,:id, :start_end_time, :prompt => true %>
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Worked perfectly .. thanks for your quick and great reply. – Sachin Prasad Oct 16 '12 at 8:14
Cheer's Sachin :) – Salil Oct 16 '12 at 8:19

i found myself with the same question and i solve it doing this...

at my user.rb

  def first_and_last_name    
    "#{self.first_name} " " #{self.last_name}"   

at my view

<%= f.collection_select(:user_id, User.all, :id, :first_and_last_name, {}, class: 'ui search dropdown' ) %>
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