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how to find in my collection of all the values ​​where the field "date" = "current date"?

i have:

$cursor = $mongo->$db->$collection->find(array('date_of_download' => date('Y-m-d',time()) ));

but found only field "date_of_download"

In Mongo query with conditions:


The $in operator is analogous to the SQL IN modifier, allowing you to specify an array    of possible matches.

db.collection.find( { field : { $in : array } } );

but how do I write it in Yii?

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are you want to search into mutiple field or one field and multiple values ? – GBD Oct 16 '12 at 8:17
search by one field multiple values – Eugen Shevchuk Oct 16 '12 at 8:21
please check and try my answer – GBD Oct 16 '12 at 8:22

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You can get it work as below

//Mongo Syntax
db.collection.find( { field : { $in : array } } );

To (in PHP + Yii)

//This example
$cursor = $mongo->$db->$collection->find(array('date_of_download' => array('$in' => array('2012-09-11', '2012-09-12'))));
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I get MongoCursorTimeoutException' with message 'cursor timed out' I searched in DB where 6 million records, maybe it's a reason? – Eugen Shevchuk Oct 16 '12 at 8:29
are you using ?? – GBD Oct 16 '12 at 8:32
No, i'm using – Eugen Shevchuk Oct 16 '12 at 8:36
@EugenShevchuk The timeout means that the cursor simply timed out, this is not a PHP issue normally but a Mongo one, normally to do with the query taking too long, can you do this query in the Mongo console and add an .explain() to the end and edit your question with it? – Sammaye Oct 16 '12 at 8:37
@EugenShevchuk yes agree with Sammaye .. please try as he suggested – GBD Oct 16 '12 at 8:38

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