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i want to develop a app that can share image to social network, it work well but i want my app have some advance function

i see that in ios6, it can share image from photo library by tap sharing button

now i want my app in the list app in share screen, how can i do that ?


- (void) loadMoreData

   [self requestServerGetTimeline];

- (void) btnImageClicked:(NSString *)photoId
    DetailImageController *detailImageController = [[DetailImageController alloc] initwithPhotoId:photoId withNavigationController:self.navigationController];
    [self.navigationController pushViewController:detailImageController animated:YES];
    [detailImageController release];

- (void) btnUsernameClicked:(NSString *)userId
    MeshUserInformationController *detailUserController = [[MeshUserInformationController alloc] initWithNavigation:self.navigationController withUserId:userId];
    [self.navigationController pushViewController:detailUserController animated:YES];
    [detailUserController release];
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You can't configure UIActivityView controller of Photos app but you can configure and make your own activities for your apps.

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