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I've built a Google Script which runs when my Spreadsheet is edited:

function onEdit(event)

When my function is named onEdit(), the Browser.msgBox returns "Spreadsheet" (so the source is defined) When my function is named othername(), the Browser.msgBox retunrs "undefined".

I execute the script with the same user, the script runs when my Spreadsheet is edited and i don't change anything else than the name of the function.


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onEdit is an event in Google Script, so changing it's name will generate different behavior. Hope this helps!

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event.source stays undefined when you use another function than onEdit().

I've replaced event.source by event.range and now it works.

I don't understand why but it runs.

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Events for various triggers are described in Understanding Events. The event object varies depending on the nature of the event. –  Mogsdad May 13 '13 at 2:07

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