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I am using Jquery1.8.2 and Jquery-mobile 1.1

When i click on Logout button i have to goto the Home page. I am able get the home page but before going back to the home page got the "Error Loading Page" message.


  <div data-role="page">
      <div data-role="header" data-theme="b" >
          <h1> Success Page </h1>
           <a data-role="button" id="logoutbtn" data-theme="b">Logout</a>
       </div><!-- /header -->
       <div data-role='content'>            


$("#logoutbtn").click(function () {     
    document.location.href = "Home.html";

Please help me out on this.

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You should be using the jquery mobile specific methods.


See document-location-href-location-vs-mobile-changepagelocation

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Ah! thank you, sir! –  trailmax Nov 9 '12 at 17:35
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Thanks Dipaks

Instead of

document.location.href = "/Home.html";

I have modified it as like below

document.location.href = "./Home.html";

Its working fine and able to go back to home page with out any error.

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$.mobile.changePage("Home.html") did not work on my PC

but instead $.mobile.changePage("#"); works and it's hiding the error loading page message.

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I was using the right versions and $.mobile.changePage to change a page and it still failed with the same error. Later I realized that I was doing this in a js file in www/js/custom/handler/handler.js. So I was using paths relative to this location.

However later I realized that the path has to be relative to index.html that includes this js.

That resolved my issue.

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