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In an Umbraco site I'm working on, I have a requirement where I need to do the following:

In the "Members" area in Umbraco, there are three content tree nodes:

  • Members
  • Member Groups
  • Member Types

When the user clicks on any of the above nodes, the default behaviour is the following:


What I'd like to do is this - when the user clicks on the Member Groups node I want to open a new page in the dashboard (not the members dashboard page as configured in dashboard.config)

I've seen references to


in order to open pages in the dashboard, but I can't see how to change the default behaviour of the "Member Groups" node. I've tried editing the record for that node in umbracoAppTree by changing the action column to:


and then hovering the mouse of the node to see if the above action appears in the JavaScript link, but that did not appear.

Can someone suggest how I can change the Member Groups link so that it opens a new page in dashboard please?

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In my solution I have a custom LoadMemberGroups class, which replaces Umbraco's default loadMemberGroups class (I do this by editing the umbracoAppTree table and changing the treeHandlerAssembly and treeHandlerType columns for the existing loadMemberGroups entry).

I didn't realise that in my code I can set the action for the Member Groups node like this:

protected override void CreateRootNode(ref XmlTreeNode rootNode)
    rootNode.Action = "MyAction";

So I can change the action to whatever I need. Cool.

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