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I'm trying to add some functionality to the rich:dataTable by extending its renderer. More specifically, i'd like to render a link in the header column that triggers an ajax call (to trigger an action in a backing bean).

So my fist thought was to modify the dataTable's renderer to instantiate and add an a4j:commandLink instance. That does work to some extend, the link does get rendered just fine, however the associated action is not being called, and an added parameter assignemnt is not performed. furthermore i cant really make out what portions of the view are being executed and rendered, it seems the values i set are being ignored (for example if i specify @all as a value for those two properties i still get a partial response containing just a tiny fraction of my page).

This is the code i use to create the link:

UICommandLink l = (UICommandLink) context.getApplication().createComponent(UICommandLink.COMPONENT_TYPE);
l.setActionExpression(ULHelper.createMethodExpression("#{orderBy.toggle('"+ sortName + "')}", null, String.class);

uiColumn is the UIColumn instance, headerFacet is the text that should be rendered within the link.

The link does get displayed correctly, a click on the link triggers an ajax request just fine (no errors in the javascript console) - but i have no idea what happens next on the server side, the action is not getting called, the table is not being re-rendered either.

If i add an ActionListener


or add a parameter instance to the link

UIParameter par = (UIParameter) context.getApplication().createComponent(UIParameter.COMPONENT_TYPE);
par.setAssignToExpression(ULHelper.createValueExpression("#{bean.text}", String.class));

it makes no difference, neither of the two are executed.

I suspect it has something to do with state saving, that the a4j:commandLink does not get saved and therefore the 2nd request does not find that link (and therefore the listener, parameter etc...) to work with, but i have no idea how to persist (and restore) the state of the link.

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Just sample from working sources, which may be helpful:

import org.ajax4jsf.component.html.HtmlAjaxCommandLink;

    public UIComponent ajaxLink(...) {
        HtmlAjaxCommandLink ajaxLink = new HtmlAjaxCommandLink();
        ajaxLink.setOncomplete(...some js func..);
        FacesContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
        MethodExpression actionListenerExpression = context.getApplication().getExpressionFactory().createMethodExpression(context.getELContext(), "#{someSeamComponent.someAction}", null, new Class[]{ActionEvent.class});
        MethodExpressionActionListener actionListener = new MethodExpressionActionListener(actionListenerExpression);
        return ajaxLink;

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