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I'm using ftplib for connecting and getting file list from FTP server. The problem I have is that the connection hangs from time to time and I don't know why. I'm running python script as a daemon, using threads. See what I mean:

def main():
signal.signal(signal.SIGINT, signal_handler)

    app.db = MySQLWrapper()
        app.opener = FTP_Opener()
        mainloop = MainLoop()

        while not app.terminate:
            # suspend main thread until the queue terminates
            # this lets to restart the queue automatically in case of unexpected shutdown
            while (not app.terminate) and (not mainloop.isAlive()):
                print time.ctime(), "main: trying to restart the queue"
                    mainloop = MainLoop()
                except Exception:

        app.db = None
        app.opener = None
        mainloop = None
        # give other threads time to terminate
        print time.ctime(), "main: main thread terminated"

MainLoop() has some functions for FTP connect, download specific files and disconnect from the server.

Here's how I get the file's list:

file_list = app.opener.load_list()

And how FTP_Opener.load_list() function looks like:

def load_list(self):
    attempts = 0
    while attempts<=ftp_config.load_max_attempts:
        attempts += 1
        filelist = []
            # retrieve file list to 'filelist' var
            self.FTP.retrlines('LIST', lambda s: filelist.append(s))

            filelist = self._filter_filelist(self._parse_filelist(filelist))

            return filelist
        except Exception:
            print sys.exc_info()

    print time.ctime(), "FTP Opener: can't load file list"
    return []

Why sometimes the FTP connection hangs and how can I monitor this? So if it happens I would like to terminate the thread somehow and start a new one.


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oh load_max_attempts = 10 –  KennyPowers Oct 16 '12 at 9:16
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If you are building for robustness, I would highly recommend that you look into using an event-driven method. One such which have FTP support is Twisted (API).

The advantage is that you don't block the thread while waiting for i/O and you can create simple timer functions to monitor your connections if you so prefer. It also scales a lot better. It is slightly more complicated to code using event-driven patterns, so if this is just a simple script it may or may not be worth the extra effort, but since you write that you are writing a daemon, it might be worth looking into.

Here is an example of an FTP client: ftpclient.py

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