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I'm looping through two products - on the post view page I pull in a secondary post (in the example, a related recipe) which parses just fine on the first product page - on the second product page just {{ post.content }} won't parse. I can hack it with {{ post.content | markdownify }} - but I'd like to know why it's breaking. Here's the relevant code:

{% for post in site.categories.recipe %}
    {% if post.products contains page.title and post.featured %}
        <div class="row">
            <div class="four columns">
            <h4>{{ post.title }}</h4>
                <li>Serves {{ post.serves }}</li>
               <li>Prep: {{ post.time }}</li>
                <li><a href=" ">Share</a></li>

            {{ post.content }}


            <!-- All tags are closed, the rest just isn't relevant -->

    {% endif %}
{% endfor %}
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The markdownify filter is probably making it work because there might be special characters that aren't encoded in the content you're pulling from. I always forget to make my & into &amp;.

If you're using the default Markdown interpreter Maruku, here's a list of the entities that might be giving you problems and their encoded equivalent. and more info on Maruku.

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Please find my solution with counter


{% assign counter=0 %}

{% for post in site.posts%}

 {% if post.category == 'blog' and counter < 2 %}
 {% assign counter=counter | plus:1 %}   


 {% endif %}

{% endfor %}

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