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I want to support German, French & Spanish characters on a particular field of my website. I need a regex for this. Presently I am using -


This regex basically uses all the char set from the 3 languages I mentioned.

Is there a neat way to avoid this lengthy regex? I tried /p{L}/p{Z} regex. However this didnt work.

My website is in ASP.net

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However this didnt work - please expand on that. Why did it not work? What was happening that shouldn't have? What was not happening that should have? –  Oded Oct 16 '12 at 9:37

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  1. /p{L}/p{Z} is wrong, should be \p{L}\{Z}.

  2. all the letters, like "ÀÂÆÇÈ" shouldn't be needed, they are all included in \w in .net!

  3. You don't need most of the escaping in a character class

  4. You can't write something like " in a character class, only thing what happens is that every single character is added to the class.

This should be quite similar to what you used:


I haven't checked those Unicode codepoints at the end of the class, I don't now if they are needed or not.

For an explanation of all the \p{...} items see Unicode Regular Expressions on regular-expressions.info

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