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I am trying to get the qf to work in solr 3.4

When I run this :


I get resultset and i see halden in both the b_navn and b_adress fields, but if I ad the qf to the query :


Solr only returns this:

 <lst name="responseHeader">
  <int name="status">0</int>
  <int name="QTime">1</int>
  <lst name="params">
  <str name="fl">b_navn,b_adress,score</str>
  <str name="q">halden</str>
  <str name="qf">b_adress^10.0</str>
  <str name="defType">dismax</str>
 <result name="response" numFound="0" start="0" maxScore="0.0"/>

I feel Im missing something basic but cant put my finger on it.

Please help!

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I guess the match was only in the b_navn field. What if you add it to the qf? –  javanna Oct 16 '12 at 11:06
I agree with @javanna, based on the SolrRelevancyFAQ on boosting - wiki.apache.org/solr/… You should include both the b_navn & b_adress fields in your qf. –  Paige Cook Oct 16 '12 at 12:11

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