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I am using img tag of HTML to show photo in our application. I have set its both height and width attribute to 64. My requirement is I need to show any size(e.g. 256X256, 1024X768, 500X400, 205X246 etc.) of photo in 64X64 size. But, by setting the height and width of img tag to 64 is not maintaining the aspect ratio. This way. it is not showing clear photo. I need to resolve it quickly. Please help me for this.

For your reference my exact code is:

<img src="Runtime Path to photo" border="1" height="64" width="64">

Thanks in advance

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Don't set height AND width. Use one or the other and the correct aspect ratio will be maintained.

Example of inline and css solutions - FIDDLE

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<img src="Runtime Path to photo" style="border: 1px solid #000; max-width:64px; max-height:64px;">
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This is the correct solution as it continues to be independent of the orientation of the image. 3rror404's solution requires that you know whether the image is wider than it is tall or vice versa. –  chaiguy Nov 5 '13 at 23:28

None of the methods listed scale the image to the largest possible size that fits in a box while retaining the desired aspect ratio.

This cannot be done with the IMG tag (at least not without a bit of JavaScript), but it can be done as follows:

 <div style="background:center no-repeat url(...);background-size:contain;width:...;height:..."></div>
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Yes. Use style="background: url('_'); background-size: cover width:_px height:_px" for the <img> tag. –  Ujjwal Singh May 22 at 13:53

Set width and height of the images to auto, but limit both max-width and max-height:

img {


If you want to display images of arbitrary size in the 64x64px "frames", you can use inline-block wrappers and positioning for them, like in this fiddle.

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You're second Fiddle example worked great for me. Thanks! –  Daniel Feb 2 at 5:25

Wrap the image in a div with dimensions 64x64 and set width: inherit to the image:

<div style="width: 64px; height: 64px;">
    <img src="Runtime path" style="width: inherit" />
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Why don't you use a separate CSS file to maintain the height and the width of the image you want to display? In that way, you can provide the width and height necessarily.


       image {
       width: 64px;
       height: 64px;
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