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Hi there everybody: is there any way I can parse a month -my app will be both in dutch and in english, so for example October could be either Oktober or October- and depending on it, set the corresponding month of the year? (October would be the 10th for example).

The server always replies with a String (which is the name of a month IN DUTCH) but I need to parse this, because the app will be also in ENGLISH).

Thanks a lot in advance!

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This can help you stackoverflow.com/a/9904658/1160207 –  Never Quit Oct 16 '12 at 10:31

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Use DateFormat symbols which is locale aware. Don't try to hard code month names.

DateFormatSymbols(Locale.DUTCH).getMonths()[Calendar.OCTOBER]; // returns Oktober


Calendar.getDisplayNames(MONTH, ALL_STYLES, Locale.DUTCH); // returns a map which you can use to match strings

If you are getting the month name string from somewhere else, you can convert it to a month number:

DateTime instance = format.withLocale(Locale.DUTCH).parseDateTime("Oktober");  
int monthNum = instance.getMonthOfYear();
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I used the first one with a slight modification, but very good, thanks! –  noloman Oct 16 '12 at 12:03
A suggestion for your answer DateFormatSymbols(Locale.DUTCH).getMonths()[10];. Instead of using the int 10 you could (and maybe should) also use the constant Calendar.OCTOBER. –  Gee.E May 22 at 15:50
@Gee.E Thanks. You are right. I've edited. –  Simon May 22 at 22:51

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