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Using Advanced installer for my java based application, it is working very good. I want to remove one folder and one file when user uninstall the application from system. Now my question is

1) how to remove a file from a given location e-g i have an abc file at desktop and i want if it exist there it should be deleted while user will uninstall the application(file will be on the same path and with same name for all) ?

2) how to delete a folder from the system while user uninstalling the application ?

3) if (2 i-e folder deletion) is possible then, can i change the location of the folder(i want to delete at uninstall) programmatic-ally ?

Thanks in advance.

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Kindly share you experiences in this regard, – NoNaMe Oct 16 '12 at 10:18
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Assuming your are using the latest version of Advanced Installer.

1) You can go to Files and Folders page and from the toolbar, under "File Operations", add a File Removal, which you can configure to run during install or uninstall

2) Right click on the desired folder and go to "Operations" tab, there you will find the options you need

3) Yes, you can specify the path programmatic-ally, but you need to do it from the beginning of the install process, using a property based folder. So basically you create your property based folder and configure options from Operations tab for it.

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