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I have the server.js file on server side and the index.html on client side. I need to call a function from the server side through maybe a button or something on the index.html and get a feedbak on the index.html that the function was executed.

In the future I would also like to pass over a variable to the server side from client side.

I'm rather new to node.js. Hopefully someone can help me on this.

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Node.js is no different than any other server side technology: it's not client side.

If you want to execute something on the server, you have two ways:

  • Submit a form. This will reload the page and you can choose to redirect on the same page it was.
  • Run an ajax request from the client side to do something server side.

A third way (thanks to socket.io) is using websockets for your purpose. I wouldn't suggest that you use them if you don't know what it is, though. Learn HTTP, then websockets.

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This is a great question. I have done this using Socket.io (http://socket.io/)-- which is a nice library that allows sending data from the client (index.html) to the server, and allowing the server to send data to the client. Look at the examples on socket.io site.

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Well, to make it simple, your function should be "exposed" through some URL. You can use http://expressjs.com/ framework to speed up server side application creation. Once you have that and your function is available at let's say http://localhost/myFunction?myParameter=myValue, you can use jQuery call $.json() to invoke that function from your client side application, i.e. your index.html.

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