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I want to create tabs with progress bar. Something like this:

<p:tabView id="tabs" dynamic="true" cache="false">
    <p:tab id="tab1" title="tab1" >
        <ui:include src="tab1.xhtml" />
    <p:tab id="tab2" title="tab2" >
        <ui:include src="tab2.xhtml" />

    <p:blockUI block="tabs" trigger="tabs">  

But it's not working. Can you help me to correct my mistake?

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Try this:

<p:tabView id="tabs">

  <p:ajax event="tabChange" onstart="BUI.show()" oncomplete="BUI.hide()" />

  <p:tab id="tab1" title="tab1">
    <h:outputtext value="TAB 1" />

  <p:tab id="tab2" title="tab2">
    <h:outputtext value="TAB 2" />


<p:blockUI widgetVar="BUI" block="tabs">
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It's not working properly. The body of the tabs is not loaded at all. I don't see any bugs in Firebug. –  user1285928 Oct 16 '12 at 15:25
Try it without dynamic and cache properties and also without <ui:include/>. Check if it is working. If it works add what you removed one by one until it is broken again. Im gonna simplify my answer with an update according to this comment. –  Kerem Baydoğan Oct 16 '12 at 16:13

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