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I have @author Javadoc tags in class comments. Frustratingly, the Eclipse Juno spell checker, an otherwise very helpful tool, keeps insisting that the email address is misspelled, as shown below:

spell check error in email address

The Spelling option 'Ignore internet addresses' is checked. Adding '@healthometry.com' to a User Defined Dictionary doesn't help - the spell checker keeps insisting there is a spelling error, '@healthometry.com', in the address.

What am I missing? Thanks in advance.

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The "@" is reserved for tags in JavaDoc, so your mail address is simply not valid there. Use the HTML sequence "& # 064;" (without the blanks) instead.

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+1 Changed my @author tags to @author Boris Brudnoy &lt;boris.brudnoy&#064;healthometry.com&gt;. Haven't realized it before but in addition to the @ char the <> were receiving special handling as well and so my email address wouldn't even appear in the generated docs. It's there now and the spell checker is placated too. – Boris Brudnoy Oct 16 '12 at 21:45

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