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I am trying to evaluate a property, compare it with a string and display based on comparison, here's my code-snippet below.

For example: The status variable is populated and set to Z, but on the JSP all i see is the condition jumping to else case and displaying "Z", there's no problem with getText methods.

my question: is my way of doing string comparison wrong? tried status == 'A', status == "A" etc, didn't work.

<s:if test='%{status.trim().equalsIgnoreCase("A")}%' >
        <s:property value="%{getText('errors.default')}" />
<s:elseif  test='%{status.trim().equalsIgnoreCase("Z")}%' >
            <s:property value="%{getText('update.successful')}" />
</s:elseif >    
            <s:property value="%{status}" />
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