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I am trying to query workitem info from TFS - specifically from the CMMI Risk template. It looks like no matter what I put in the select clause, I still actually need to look in the Fields collection for the value. With this query:

WorkItemCollection queryResults = workItemStore.Query(@"
                                            SELECT [System.Id], 
                                            FROM WorkItems 
                                            WHERE [System.TeamProject] = 'MyProj' 
                                            and [System.WorkItemType] = 'Risk' 
                                            ORDER BY [System.Id] ");

I cannot see

 queryResults[0].Severity or

in the output, but I can see


Seems the select list is irrelevant in this case. What am I missing?

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Only for a few fields properties are created (I believe it are the system fields). For all other fields you need to access it as you described.

So you are not missing anything.

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Yeah I finally saw another post where someone explained that by adding the fields to the select list I am pre-fetching them. If I access them without them being in the select list they are lazy loaded. –  Graeme Oct 17 '12 at 6:55

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