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I have 2 new custom productattributes that enables or disables a product in the category list and product-detail page.Both are dates. need to calculate if the current date is between the 2 custom dates. if it is, the product must be enabled. I can't find a place in the code to enable/disable a product in the category list and detail page. I don't want to fix this in a phtml.

Can somebody help me?

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You can just disable (Status->disable) the product and then it won't show on category or detail pages? –  Lucas Moeskops Oct 16 '12 at 11:41
my custom attributes(2) are 2 dates. i have to check if the current date is between the 2 dates. if so, the product must be disabled. –  user1113130 Oct 16 '12 at 11:42
so, if (currentDateBetweenTheTwoDates()) { $product->setStatus(Mage_Catalog_Model_Product_Status::STATUS_DISABLED); } ? –  Lucas Moeskops Oct 16 '12 at 11:47
that with a cronjob of a event? i hoped that i can adjust the product model –  user1113130 Oct 16 '12 at 11:52
This is 'just' adjusting the product model. I'm not sure what you mean with cronjob of an event? –  Lucas Moeskops Oct 16 '12 at 12:01

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You have to modify two things :

  • the product collection in order to add the filtering on your two news attributes.. For that, for example, you can implement the event catalog_block_product_list_collection from Mage_Catalog_Block_Product_List (used in product listing and search) where you'll add your filtering with the function $collection->addAttributeToFilter('attribute_code', $condition)

  • the product page itself. You can add your logic in order to display or not your product by multiple ways.. I would choose to implement the event catalog_product_is_salable_after in order to add your logic here and call $product->isSalable() in the template or controller...

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