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(Sorry, I know that is this is mostly a repeat of John Evan's question, but the previous answer must now be outdated.)

I'd like to be able to specify an exitCode and leave the my (vm) program if a certain condition occurs (for debugging purposes only).

Note from the above I cannot import 'dart:builtin', and I can't find mention of exit() in this context in the API.

(My more detailed situation is that my work involves rather massive detailed output and as I test and debug things I have found it most convenient to just exit(); the program - clearly only appropriate during development.)



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Good catch. I'll go back and edit the older answer. – John Evans Oct 16 '12 at 13:46

Just use exit():

import 'dart:io';

void main() {
  exit(0); // Standard out code, 0 = no errors.
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Further searching has shown that the required support is now in the 'io' library so this is working for me:

(Nothing specific to an error code is getting printed out at the console, but that's ok.)


main() {

print("just before the exit command...");


print("We should not see this")


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