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I want to write a query by which i can iterate through the rows of a table and then I want a HTML UN-ordered list from this query and keep in a local variable for further use.
Do I will have to use cursor.
Can any one suggest me from where I can start.


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You can just use select statement:

SELECT '<HTML TAG>' || column_name || '</ HTML TAG>' from table_name;
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I found out the solution by googling.
I saw the solution in a post of stack overflow.

I have created a type as follows

                        SERIALNO NUMBER,
                        OSCODE varchar2(10),
                        Osname varchar2(150),
                        channel_code varchar2(10),
                        channel_name varchar2(100),
                        answerdescription VARCHAR2(500),
                        question_code VARCHAR2(20),
                        question varchar2(250),
                        STATUS varchar2(20),
                        ANSWERSTATUS varchar2(10),
                        IMAGEPATH varchar2(4000),
                        MODELVIEW varchar2(100),
                        MODEL_VIEW varchar2(10),
                        MAKENAME varchar2(100),    
                        MODELNAME varchar2(100));
rec MyRec; 
v_refcurosr SYS_REFCURSOR;

and then call the procedure since my procedure was cursor was containing all these fields.

                            pkg_answer.PROC_GET_ANSWER('QUESTION',V_QUESTIONCODE,V_PROVIDERCODE,Ip_UserID,v_refcurosr) ;  
                                  FETCH v_refcurosr INTO rec;
                                  EXIT WHEN v_refcurosr%NOTFOUND;
                                  v_answerstep:=v_answerstep||'<li>'|| rec.answerdescription|| '</li>';

                            END LOOP;
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