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I got an error while running my code, it says call to a member function getBallparkDetailsStartDate() on a non-object.

if($projectStatusId == ProjectStatusKeys::BALLPARK_ACTIVE) {
            $ballpark = $this->ballparkDetailsHandler->getBallparkDetailsByProjectId($projectId);               
            $projectDetails["startdate"] = $ballpark->getBallparkDetailsStartDate();
            $projectDetails["enddate"] = $ballpark->getBallparkDetailsEndDate();
            $projectDetails["projectid"] = $projectId;
            $projectDetails["name"] = $ballpark->getBallparkDetailsBookingRef();
            $projectDetails["status"] = ProjectStatusKeys::BALLPARK_ACTIVE; 

I got the error in this line: $projectDetails["startdate"] = $ballpark->getBallparkDetailsStartDate();

Here is my other code:

public function __construct($ballparkDetailsId, $project, 
        $ballparkDetailsStartDate, $ballparkDetailsEndDate, 
        $ballparkDetailsExpiryDate, $ballparkDetailsDescription, 
        $ballparkDetailsNotes) {
    $this->ballparkDetailsId = $ballparkDetailsId;
    $this->project = $project;
    $this->ballparkDetailsBookingRef = $ballparkDetailsBookingRef;
    $this->ballparkDetailsStartDate = $ballparkDetailsStartDate;
    $this->ballparkDetailsEndDate = $ballparkDetailsEndDate;
    $this->ballparkDetailsExpiryDate = $ballparkDetailsExpiryDate;
    $this->ballparkDetailsDescription = $ballparkDetailsDescription;
    $this->ballparkDetailsNotes = $ballparkDetailsNotes;

public function getBallparkDetailsId() {
    return $this->ballparkDetailsId;

public function getProject() {
    return $this->project;

public function getBankName() {
    return $this->getProject()->getBankName();

public function getBankRef() {
    return $this->getProject()->getBankRef();

public function getRegionName() {
    return $this->getProject()->getRegionName();

public function getProjectStatusName() {
    return $this->getProject()->getProjectStatusName();

public function getBallparkDetailsBookingRef() {
    return $this->ballparkDetailsBookingRef;

public function getBallparkDetailsStartDate() {
    return $this->ballparkDetailsStartDate;

public function getBallparkDetailsEndDate() {
    return $this->ballparkDetailsEndDate;

public function getBallparkDetailsExpiryDate() {
    return $this->ballparkDetailsExpiryDate;

public function getBallparkDetailsDescription() {
    return $this->ballparkDetailsDescription;

public function getBallparkDetailsNotes() {
    return $this->ballparkDetailsNotes;

public function getProjectId() {
    return $this->getProject()->getProjectId();

public function getProjectStatusId() {
    return $this->getProject()->getProjectStatusId();


The last time I check this it ran well. But now I don't know what's wrong with this? Please help me find the error. Thanks.

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it seems like a function get() is not in this list, and that is what the error refers to. Is there something else you aren't showing us? – Jakub Oct 16 '12 at 11:25
@Jakub I've edited my post. That get() function is getBallparkDetailsStartDate() – bEtTy Barnes Oct 16 '12 at 11:27
@Jakub, in such case, error message will say that method is not member of class.This looks like null class instance instead of object instance is used. – rkosegi Oct 16 '12 at 11:28

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$ballpark = $this->ballparkDetailsHandler->getBallparkDetailsByProjectId($projectId);

is not returning a "ballpark" at all. Probably it is returning an error, or something like an empty array.

Try var_dump()'ing $ballpark immediately before the line that raises the error, and see what it contains (probably False, NULL, array() or something equally un-ballparky.

Then, inspect the ballparkDetailsByProjectId() function in the BallparkDetailsHandler.php file. At a guess, you might be passing an invalid (i.e. nonexistent, removed, etc.) $projectId.

Then you might rewrite the code with error checking:

if($projectStatusId == ProjectStatusKeys::BALLPARK_ACTIVE) {
        $ballpark = $this->ballparkDetailsHandler->getBallparkDetailsByProjectId($projectId);
        if (!is_object($ballpark))
            trigger_error("Error: bad project ID: '$projectId': $ballpark",

        $projectDetails["startdate"] = $ballpark->getBallparkDetailsStartDate();
        $projectDetails["enddate"] = $ballpark->getBallparkDetailsEndDate();
        $projectDetails["projectid"] = $projectId;
        $projectDetails["name"] = $ballpark->getBallparkDetailsBookingRef();
        $projectDetails["status"] = ProjectStatusKeys::BALLPARK_ACTIVE; 

Then in the BallparkDetailsHandler.php file you could modify this code:

// Prepare query or die
if (!($stmt = $this->mysqli->prepare($query))
    return "Error in PREPARE: $query";

$stmt->bind_param("i", $projectId);
$stmt->bind_result($ballparkDetailsBookingRef, $bankRef, $regionName,
     $projectStatusId, $projectStatusName,  $ballparkDetailsDescription,
     $ballparkDetailsNotes, $ballparkDetailsStartDate, $ballparkDetailsEndDate,

// If no data, then die
    return "No data in DB for projectID '$projectId': $query";

// Should be clear sailing from here on. Actually I ought to check
// whether all these new() here do return anything sensible, or not

$bank = new Bank("", "", $bankRef, "");
$region = new Region("", $regionName, "");
$projectStatus = new ProjectStatus($projectStatusId, $projectStatusName);
$project = new Project($projectId, $bank, $region, $projectStatus);

return new BallparkDetails("", $project,
    $ballparkDetailsBookingRef, $ballparkDetailsStartDate, 
    $ballparkDetailsEndDate, $ballparkDetailsExpiryDate, 
    $ballparkDetailsDescription, $ballparkDetailsNotes);
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I tried var_dump() it says Warning: var_dump() expects at least 1 parameter, 0 given in C:\xampp\htdocs\RMS\classes\controller\ViewWorkloadController.php – bEtTy Barnes Oct 16 '12 at 11:41
Sorry, I meant: var_dump($ballpark); – lserni Oct 16 '12 at 12:07
when I tried to do that it gives me this: – bEtTy Barnes Oct 16 '12 at 12:28
@Iserni This is the whole code if you need to see it. – bEtTy Barnes Oct 16 '12 at 12:29
OK, it is not initializing the object. I checked your code, but the problem (if a problem exists, and not just a bad $projectId) lies in the BallparkDetailsHandler.php file. – lserni Oct 16 '12 at 13:16

$ballpark clearly doesn't contain the object you think it does on the line with the error. In fact, it obviously doesn't contain an object at all.

This implies that the preceding line (which sets $ballpark) isn't working properly. It would appear that it's returning a value that is is not an object.

I can't tell what that value is -- it could be null, or it could be an integer, string, array, etc. But whatever it is, it isn't a ballpark object.

I suggest you look at your getBallparkDetailsByProjectId() method to find the source of this problem.

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Hello thanks for your reply. I tried var_dump() on it it says Warning: var_dump() expects at least 1 parameter, 0 given in C:\xampp\htdocs\RMS\classes\controller\ViewWorkloadController.php – bEtTy Barnes Oct 16 '12 at 11:53
This is the whole code if you need to see it. – bEtTy Barnes Oct 16 '12 at 11:53

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