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I wanted to test and try away3d and flare3d to make a choice.

I started with flare3d, it has mentioned it supports maya obj files and other formats. However, the tutorials/documentation I have come across does not have any mention only about f3d which is the output of 3d max models generated using a plug-in for 3dmax.

It looks like the Scene3D.addChildFromFile() expects a f3d format file only, so how to load other formats? especially the maya files?

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I discovered that current Flare3D 2.0 does not support direct .mb or .obj files but it supports .dae files

this is how I did

var tree:Pivot3D;// = new ColladaLoader("aerial_dragon_attack_2.dae");
//ColladaLoader; // this did not work for me so commented and used above line
tree = scene.addChildFromFile("empresstree_opencollada1.dae",null,ColladaLoader);

Useful info:

The second line is mandatory as currently the scene class does not import ColladaLoader class by default, some one said just writing ColladaLoader; above the addChildFromFile would import the class to avoid the error, but that didn't work for me so I used registerClass method which I tried to fix from the error message

** Error: The Flare3DLoader1 class was not found.
** Please call to scene.registerClass( Flare3DLoader1 ) to enable Flare3D v1 compatible models.

Hope this helps someone out there

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