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I am a newbie regarding three.js and I have a problem with imported geometry (js-file from 3dsmax inclusive all material and textures) and the CanvasRenderer. The CanvasRenderer displays the triangle edges of imported geometry, the WebGLRenderer works well.

Canvas example: http://der-n.square7.ch/threejs/examples/teapot_canvas.html

WebGL example: http://der-n.square7.ch/threejs/examples/teapot_webgl.html

In the three.js library I have found the option "overdraw: true" for a material to fix this behaviour but obviously the material+textures are defined by the above mentioned exported 3dsmax js-file.

For the tests I use the "misc_camera_trackball" example with small changes (I have added a JSONLoader, changed some camera and trackball parameters, changed some light colors, added a CanvasRenderer)

Any hints how to solve this? Thanks for your help.

Best regards Oggy

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In the loader callback, you have all of the loaded materials in an array geometry.materials. You could loop over those materials and set the overdraw property to true for each.

As far as I know, THREE.MeshFaceMaterial is just a pass-through material that indicates "faces have an index that points to a material instance to use from the geometry's materials array", so setting properties for MeshFaceMaterial won't have any effect.

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