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I am trying to develop a Game in android for that i need to have a ocean wave effect.I am using OpenGL ES 1.0 for the development.When i searched for the implementation examples and logic i have come across lots of mathematical calculation and all.something like calculating sum of sine function with specific amplitude and frequency and all (http://http.developer.nvidia.com/GPUGems/gpugems_ch01.html)

Sine Wave equation:\


A1=amplitude of 1st wave
D1=direction of 1st wave
w1=frequency of 1st wave
q1=phase constant q=speed*2P/Length.

taking the sum of this equation will give the surface,

Surfce equation:


and there are equations to calculate normal

So guys , how can i use these equations to calculate values for vertex array and normal array to render the ocean surface in my application...i would be most grateful if you people can give a code example or any help...

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