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I am currently working on a Google Calendar Sync Feature which is supposed to sync with our own Calendar app and to the Google Calendar app. Now I need to identify the recent changes in Google Calendar so I can copy these events into our Calendar App. I use the zend gdata however any idea I would appreciate.

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(Modified from

$query = $service->newEventQuery();

// Subtract time frame for when you want to detect
// updated events, for example, in the past 24 hrs
$refresh = time() - 60*60*24;
$refresh_date = date('Y-m-dTH:i:sP', $refresh);


// Retrieve the event list from the calendar server
try {
    $eventFeed = $service->getCalendarEventFeed($query);
} catch (Zend_Gdata_App_Exception $e) {
    echo "Error: " . $e->getMessage();

// Iterate through the list of events, outputting them as an HTML list
echo "<ul>";
foreach ($eventFeed as $event) {
    echo "<li>" . $event->title . " (Event ID: " . $event->id . ")</li>";
echo "</ul>";
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I think you mean $refresh_date = date('Y-m-dTH:i:sP', $refresh); – Stobor Aug 18 '09 at 2:51
This worked out great! Thanks – drikoda Aug 18 '09 at 3:04

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