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using Vb.net


id value

01 Rajan
02 Raman
03 Suresh

textbox1.text = 01/02

So i want to remove the id 01, 02 from datagrid.

Tried Code ' For Splitting the value from textbox using array

Dim zValue As String
Dim splitBySlash As String()
zValue = textbox1.text
splitBySlash = zValue.Split("/")

Now i want to pass this array value for removing the row from datagrid.

How to do this.

Need vb.net code help

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This will be somewhat pseudo code so dont just copy and past and expect it to work. There are also many more ways to do this... And this also means that Datagrid is a Datagridview and that Id is the first column. I'm not sure but datagrid.Rows(i).Cells("id") might work too.

For each s as String in splitBySlash
   For i as integer = 0 To datagrid.Rows.Count - 1
       if datagrid.Rows(i).Cells(0).ToString = s Then
           Exit for
       end if
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