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I have a page called Careers which lists all the Jobs posted with their tags. After clicking on a job and going to their description, I want to display a list of Similar Jobs. For this, I am trying to use Tags module of Orchard to get all the Tag Names and put it into a searchbuilder.

namespace SimpleJobs.Handlers
    public class SimpleJobsHandler : ContentHandler
        //adding IContentManager and IIndexmanager which performs actual search

        private readonly IContentManager _contentManager;
        private readonly IIndexManager _indexManager;
        private readonly ITagService _tagService;

        public SimpleJobsHandler(IRepository<SimpleJobsPartRecord> simpleJobsPartRepository,
            IContentManager contentManager,
            IIndexManager indexManager,
            ITagService tagService
            _contentManager = contentManager;
            _indexManager = indexManager;
            _tagService = tagService;


        //building display shape
        protected override void BuildDisplayShape(BuildDisplayContext context)
            if (context.ContentItem.ContentType == "Jobs")
                var similarJobs = GetSimilarJobs(context.ContentItem);
                if (similarJobs.Any())
                    context.Shape.SimilarJobs = context.New.SimilarJobs(Jobs: similarJobs);




     //getting similar jobs using tags
        private IEnumerable<ContentItem> GetSimilarJobs(ContentItem displayedJob)
            StringBuilder tagStringBuilder = new StringBuilder();

            var searchBuilder = GetSearchBuilder();

            var simpleJobsTags = _tagService.GetTags();

            foreach (var tag in simpleJobsTags){

                tagStringBuilder.Append(" ");

            var similarItemsIds = searchBuilder
                .WithField("type", "Jobs").Mandatory().ExactMatch()
                .Parse("simplejobs-tags", tagStringBuilder.ToString()).Mandatory()
                .Where(h => h.ContentItemId != displayedJob.Id)
                .Select(h => h.ContentItemId)

            return _contentManager.GetMany<ContentItem>(similarItemsIds, VersionOptions.Published, QueryHints.Empty);


        //to check if the user has lucene type implementer enabled otherwise 
        //return a nullsearchbuilder instead of an error

        private ISearchBuilder GetSearchBuilder()
            return _indexManager.HasIndexProvider()
                ? _indexManager.GetSearchIndexProvider().CreateSearchBuilder("Search")
                : new NullSearchBuilder();

This code does not seem to work however. Please advise.

Thanks in advance!

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You can't fetch tags associated with a content type because content types are just blueprints content items are created from; what you tag is a content item, thus you want to fetch tags associated with a content item.

To get items with the same tags you'll have to fetch the tags of the content item in question first:


Then you can fetch content items having specific tags:


where tagId is the id of a tag fetched from CurrentTags (tags have an Id property).

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Thanks for the help! – Aniket Sharma Oct 17 '12 at 9:08
Glad it worked for you! – Piedone Oct 17 '12 at 12:58

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