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I am using kendoUI auto complete.To display each record in the box format with"x" mark Ihave implemented like

                       dataSource: roledata,
                       filter: "startswith",
                       placeholder: "Select Role...",
                       select: function (e, ui) {
                           $(".roleSelection:checked").each(function () {
                               var role = $(this).attr("data-name"),
                                     var  span = $("<span>").text(role),
                                        a = $("<a>").addClass("remove").attr({
                                        title: "Remove " + role
                                $("#Roles").click(function () {
             $(".remove", document.getElementById("Roles")).live("click", function () {
                     if ($("#Roles span").length === 0) {
                     $("#roleAuto").css("top", 0);

I am able to display each record in the box with "x" symbol.if i click on the "x" mark I am able to remove the record,I want that removed item ID value,can u tell me how to get this.

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There is a method for the autocomplete (and many of the other data-bound widgets):


And a method on the event called:


Documentation for the AutoComplete-Methods: AutoComplete Documentation

So, as your first line in the select function, you could write:

var dataItem = this.dataItem(e.item.index());

Your live-method for the click-event would then look like the following:

$(".remove", document.getElementById("Roles")).live("click", function () {
    alert(dataItem.Id); //Or in whichever property your Id is stored.
    if ($("#Roles span").length === 0) {
        $("#roleAuto").css("top", 0);
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my live-method for the click-event is not working,If I put alert message also it is not coming.In the select function i am able to get the id value using dataItem.but I am not able to get the removed element id –  steve Oct 17 '12 at 12:06
What do you mean with element id, isn't it the databound element id? –  Shion Oct 17 '12 at 12:20

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