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I have following problem:

My header consists of the menu, some news sliding with flexslider and a search input:

The problem: when I manually RESIZE the browser, or reload it with smaller width; the right element jumps down (pushdown because no space left)

Here is a small test:

Does someone know a solution for this? The header should be responsive, without pushdown of right element.

hope you can help

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If you use a percentage for the horizontal component of the #right margin, the margin will scale with the width of the window.

#right {
  margin: 10px 1% 3px 0;
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hey, thanks for the quick answer; on my demo it works, but on my real code, a percentage margin / padding doensn't do the trick :( it still jumps because no space is available :( – Kyuu Sung Oct 16 '12 at 12:48
however, i fixed it now, but now the #right element becomes much smaller than the left one, do you know why? – Kyuu Sung Oct 16 '12 at 12:52

It's because you have set your margin for the right element in pixels, you need to use % and it will work, otherwise use padding instead of margin an box-sizing:border-box

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