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I am trying to update multiple divs using ajax in cakephp with no luck. I followed some tutorials http://cakebaker.42dh.com/2006/06/29/how-to-update-multiple-divs-with-ajax/ http://www.reversefolds.com/articles/show/ajax

but it still does not work on firefox 3.5.2

i am doing:

in view echo $ajax->link('link text', '/controller/update', array('update' => array('div1', 'div2')) );

// create the div code rather than hard-coding <div id='div1'>
echo $ajax->div('div1');
echo $ajax->divEnd('div1');

echo $ajax->div('div2');
echo $ajax->divEnd('div2');

in controller: function update() { $this->layout = 'ajax'; }

what am i missing? i am using cakephp

Many thanks

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It was finally working..I followed http://www.reversefolds.com/articles/show/ajax to the letter and it worked!

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