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I am new into Python, so maybe my questions is stupid, but I am not able to install pykml module.

Visiting its website, there are no Windows instructions for installing. Anyway I tried installing easy_install, and that doesn't work either.

Since now, I have done:

  • Install Python 2.7.3
  • Manually add C:\Python27 to PATH enviroment variable
  • Also added C:\Python27\Scripts to allow easy_install execution
  • Executed easy_install lykml. It is not found at easy_install repositories ('Could not find suitable distribution for Requeriment.parse('pykml')')
  • Tried easy_install pip to try installing with pip. Same error than before.

My Windows 7 is 64 bits. How can I solve this problem?

EDIT: I have found some packages built in .exe for windows 64 bits and installed them successfully. For example easy_install was installed in that way. But other times I try installing an .exe package distribution, as pyserial, and installation wizard says 'No Python installation found in the registry'. Could that be related?

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Did you try to install these unofficial binaries for lxml? Use the amd64 version that corresponds to your Python version. With lxml installed your pyxml installation should succeed too.

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It is not pyxml but pykml what I am installing. I fact, it relies on lxml, and I did just as you just said and that worked, but not the pykml after that. – Roman Rdgz Oct 16 '12 at 14:03
Did you try to install pykml by downloading it from PyPI, extracting the distribution from the gzipped tar and running python install? – Nicola Musatti Oct 16 '12 at 14:23

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