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Which Transaction does the inner TransactionScope take as ambient transaction ?

using ( var t1 = new TransactionScope( TransactionScopeOption.Required ) )

    using ( var t2 = new TransactionScope( TransactionScopeOption.Suppress) )

        using ( var t3 = new TransactionScope( TransactionScopeOption.Required) )



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t3. There is nothing else to choose from there, since the scope of t2 is to supress t1, not to create it's own ambient. Therefore at the innermost scope there is only t3 and nothing else.

If t2 would be RequireNew then the innermost scope ambient would be t2 since t3 would join t2.

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Thanks. I thought it would maybe choose the last not supressed Transaction –  KroaX Oct 16 '12 at 15:27
@KroaX I too thought it would use t1, as did a very experienced coworker I also asked. And it could, if it were implemented differently. In fact, I did it that way in a custom NoDtcTransactionScope implementation I had to do in order to avoid escalation to the notoriously slow MSDTC, only to learn that TransactionScope does NOT do it this way, so I threw away this feature again, to stay as close to the original as possible. –  Eugene Beresovsky Oct 11 '13 at 5:52

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