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Given a dynamic Dapper query such as:

var results = connection.Query<dynamic>("SELECT ....");

I want to remove a couple of the returned columns/properties from the results. The trick is I want to do this without knowing/caring the names of the properties I want to keep, otherwise I would simply project the results into a new anonymous type.

I attempted to loop through the results and cast each to an IDictionary<string, object> so that I could simply remove the key/value pair holding the data. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the underlying internal FastExpando object doesn't implement the Remove method. The source code for FastExpando shows:

bool IDictionary<string, object>.Remove(string key)
    throw new NotImplementedException();

How can I implement this? To be clear I basically want:

var filteredResults = from r in results
                      select new { // All properties except a couple of well-known ones }
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Can you not exclude the well known properties at the SELECT query level? –  Alex Oct 17 '12 at 6:55
I have no idea why we don't implement that! I'll ping Sam... –  Marc Gravell Oct 17 '12 at 19:57
Alex, my specific use case is that I'm returning a paged set of data with an additional TotalResults column and a RowNumber column. While I need that data, I want to strip it out and then return the rest to the client in the form of JSON. The SQL that gets executed will always have these two columns, but the rest is unknown ahead of time. –  Brian Vallelunga Oct 22 '12 at 12:33

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There was no reason that FastExpandoObject didn't implement those methods, other than: it hadn't needed to. I have now filled in all the missing / NotImplementedException methods. I haven't yet deployed to NuGet, but the code on github/google-code has been updated.

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What if you iterate the FastExpandoObject and return a filtered ExpandoObject?

 var filteredResults = dynamicResult.Select<dynamic, dynamic>(x =>
                        var filteredRow = new ExpandoObject() as IDictionary<string, Object>;
                        var props = x as IDictionary<string, object>;
                        foreach (var prop in props)
                            if (!filter.Contains(prop.Key))
                        return filteredRow;
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